Film Project Proposal

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A film project proposal basically outlines the script of the concerned film and depicts the main theme of the film. The proposal is meant to describe all costs incurred and other factors such as positioning, landscape, different views, outdoor shoots and other factors that decide a film’s success such as the production, distribution, music launch, etc.

Sample Film Project Proposal

Proposed name of the film: A promising Future

Name of the production house: Big Movies Pvt. Ltd.

Date of publishing the proposal: 23rd July, 2011

Objectives of the film:

  • The basic theme of the film is the importance of choosing a proper career, after one passes the high school level and prepares to step into the college life to obtain the education and training required in the professional world.
  • The storyline would revolve around students who are facing a similar phase in their lives and the entire process of mental stress and pre-college training that they undergo to finally live their academic dreams.
  • It would also contain an overview of the various subjects and degrees offered at the undergraduate levels.
  • The most important and helpful portion regarding the film is that it provides suggestions by a panel of expert counselors and academic professionals, who have excellently dealt with this very sensitive issue and have provided effective solutions to various problems of students that, again, we have collected through a survey.

Estimated costs of making the film: $87000

Post-production costs would roughly make up to an additional $50000, including premiere shows in significant geographical locations and music promotions of the movie.

All forms of media will cover the film-making project.

Individuals interested in this project are requested to contact soon.

Thanking you,

Mr. Thomas Cruise

Marketing Head

Big Movies Pvt. Ltd.

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