Free Service Contract Proposal Template

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A free service contract proposal template is a ready to use service contract proposal which is available for free on the internet and can be used by anyone who wishes to frame a service contract proposal to present to a company. Such templates are left with blank spaces which can be filled in by the user and can be customized easily by filling in relevant details which can convince recipient about the services of the sender. A sample of one such free service contract proposal template is given below for your reference.

Sample free service contract proposal template:

Name of service provider: _______________ [give the name of the company of the service provider]

Address of the company: _______________ [give the full address of the company]

Phone number of company: _____________ [mention contact numbers of the company]

Name of proposal presenter: __________ [give the name of the proposal presenter here with designation]

Proposal approved by: ___________ [mention the name of the proposal presenter here]

Proposal presented on: ___________ [date of proposal presentation in dd/mm/yy format]

Proposal presented to:  ______________ [mention the name of the person to whom proposal is presented with designation]

Proposal objective:

[Here, mention the gist or objective of the proposal and give the name brief of the services which the presenter is willing to offer]

About the company:

[Mention the main introduction of the company here in a few words and give the main achievements]

Details of the proposal:

  • [Give the main details of the proposal and mention the services which the service provider is to offer to the client, if the client accepts the proposal].
  • [Give the time frame of the services which the service provider is to offer to the client].

Total service cost: _________________ [give the total amount either on monthly or yearly basis]


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