Funding Proposal Document

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A funding proposal document is a text containing details of a proposal placed before some company, business firm, organization, or any individual to generate funds for some event or project. The company or whichever group may be framing and presenting the funding proposal document must keep in mind that all details included must be authentic and have legitimate proofs, as any single fake detail will spoil the entire thing. The document must be prepared in a clear, concise, and systematic manner.

Sample Funding Proposal Document:

Funding Proposal Document


Enlightening Lives, 2011

A single step to a Happy Life

Name of the organization: Good Life Companies Pvt. Ltd

Date of the event: 24th October, 2011

Event overview:

Enlightening Lives, 2011 is an annual event organized by our chain of companies at all cities of the State. It is our small effort to beautify the lives of street children, and help them, as much as we can, in leading a normal life like other kids of their age.

Purpose of the proposal document:

The funding proposal document has been prepared with the objective of mentioning all details of the event and placing it before companies and individuals who can help us gather funds for this programme.

Details of the proposed event:

  • The programme has been specially designed for street children and methods to work towards their betterment, in any small or big way we can.
  • The event will start with an inauguration ceremony, the chief guest for which will be our very own President, Mr. John Mark Stevenson
  • A drama will then be presented, enacted by the street children themselves. It will be a collage of all the big and small happenings of their lives on the streets of our city and other places as well.
  • All the children will be given food packets, two sets of dresses and winter garments, necessary books and study materials, and a sum of $650 at the end of the programme.

Estimated funds to be generated: $4500000

Please contact us before: 6th October, 2011

Contact at: 00 1 – 213 – 56714671

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