Zoo Funding Proposal

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A zoo funding proposal is given to a preservation cell for funds required for taking up responsibilities of animals kept at zoo. Since the animals are confined in the walled boundaries of the zoo, the entire cost of looking after them lies with the zoo authorities. The proposal should thus encompass the need for the fund to meet the living requirements of the animals.

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Sample Zoo Funding Proposal

Zoo Funding Proposal

Download Zoo Funding Proposal

Name of the zoo: National Zoological Gardens

Proposal presented to: Animal Protection NGO

Number of species:

  • 20 birds
  • 30 wild animals
  • 10 reptiles
  • 7 marsupials
  • 60 fishes

Current health status: The captives are hale and hearty except for one lion named Luna, who is not keeping well these days and the doctor has to frequent the zoo for its check up.

Proposal: We are trying to gather funds for the elevated cost of veterinary treatment of ailing animals and advanced care of the creatures. We request sincere cooperation to understand our necessities and support us with the financial base for better living of the speechless creatures.

Need for proposal: The experts who take care of animals including doctors and technicians, who are required to tame and tranquilize the wildly beasts, have increased their charges and the workers in charge of the zoo grounds have began to make greater demands. Thus we have almost fallen short of meeting their demands owing to our limited resources drawn from public visit.

Estimated cost of funds: An additional raise of $10, 000 from the earlier amount contributed as fund would work for this project.

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