Generator Sales Proposal

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A generator sales proposal is a document which indicates the plans for the sale of a generator machine. It must indicate the model, the advantages and disadvantages of that particular model and why it should be bought. A generator sales proposal must be convincing and persuasive as its whole purpose is to sell the item. However it cannot be overbearing or impolite.

Sample Generator Sales Proposal


The Chief Manager

Gift Gallery, New York

The following is the sales proposal for a generator. Every attempt has been made to indicate the exact nature of the model, its prices etc. all the information provided here is accurate and we hope to secure fruitful working relationship with you.

Model number: 746XYA

Weight: 120 kgs.

Color: Black and red

Capacity: 100 MHz

Price: 12000$


  • It can be used to operate the electrical equipment of your store in case of a power failure.
  • It requires comparatively less charging time than most generators on the market while giving more power.
  • The price of the model we are offering is also reasonable below the current price of most generators on the market. Our superior technological efforts have yielded this positive result.

Enclosed below is a catalogue of all our products including this particular model. This model is also available in silver and green. This model has become a fixture of almost every large store as it is particularly tailor made for meeting the power requirements of large shops.

We hope to hear from you soon,

Angela Rogers,

TBZ Electricals Pvt.Ltd.

New York.

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