Government Proposals

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Government proposals are business objectives sent to government branch, departments or agencies in response to request from the same from private industries. When a government needs a job completed and they do not have infrastructure to complete the job, they issue a written request seeking the private sectors that would be able to do the job. Therefore, government proposals are mostly written by officers in the private sector.

The government proposal should consider the following important points:

  • It must start with the proposal number, the funds proposed and granted and the name of the private organization or company.
  • The names of the project director and the principal investigator are to be mentioned along with other designations that would be working on this project.
  • An executive summary stating why the required products or services are to be purchased from the proposed vendor by the government customer.
  • Moreover, the equipment and supplies required and their estimated cost are to be included also.
  • A technical and management section would contain a narrative on how the requirements would be met and how the vendor proposes to manage the contract.
  • The organization representative and the principal investigator are required to read this proposal and then put their consent signature.

Government proposals are lengthy as they contain even minute details about how the vendor proposes to manage the contract if they are awarded the same. Because of the necessary cost, detailed requirements, scheduling information, the cost of government proposals are always expensive.

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