Government Request for Proposal

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A government request for proposal document is generally prepared to bring up an issue that is to be handled by the government and to ask for proposals and tenders from interested individuals or companies. The document should provide relevant details of the government or government-aided project, and include the areas of work that are to be done by the company or individual and should be included in the proposal. Being a government request for proposal, the document should be crisply framed and highly official in its approach.

Sample Government Request for Proposal:


George Peterson

General Manager

Supreme Constructions Pvt. Ltd

Date: 7th October, 2011

Sub: Request for school construction proposal

Dear Sir,

This is a “request for proposal” letter being given to your company, Supreme Constructions Pvt. Ltd., from the Government of America. We would like to urge upon you to take up this project of building a chain of five government schools all over the State, for ensuring primary education to students who come from lower middle-class families. The government will provide the major portion of the school’s resources. It will be an institution where parents can send their wards for education at minimum fees.

Your company is requested to submit a proposal before the 17th of October, 2011 and the project has been decided to commence from the 1st of November, 2011. The proposal should contain details of the structure of the schools, location, surroundings, materials used, and other construction aspects involved. Other specificities have been mentioned in the enclosed document. Kindly go through them and submit the proposal at the earliest, since the evaluation and approval will take some time.

Thanking You.

Government of America

___________________ [stamp or seal]

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