Government Bid Proposal

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A government bid proposal is a written proposal document presenting official offer to perform a certain work within a fixed price. Such kind of bid proposals is made to ascertain that a particular work would be done in a cost effective and fair approach.

Sample Government Bid Proposal

Government Bid Proposal for Tacomo Power Project

Prepared by: Government of United States of America

Date of issuing the proposal: 3rd June 2011

Proposal Objective:

The government of United States of America is putting forward the request bid proposal for accomplishing the task of Tacomo Power Project. A list of vendors who has registered themselves for this solicitation will be available at the website of this project ( This is an effort put forward in giving more quality life for the citizen of United States. Moreover, improvement in power and energy infrastructure in the nation will bring new changes of social development as well. Hence, we are looking forward to brighten the life of the citizens.

The bid package would be received on acceptance of the proposal.

A pre bid meeting will also be held on Friday, 21st May 2011 at 11:00am at  the Cornwall Hall office , 417 Mayfield, Washington 77999. Confirm your attendance with Mr. William Lentz

Scope of the Project: Another plant, which would operate on hydraulic energy and it, would help to generate 22,000 Mw additional power supply for the country.

Estimated Budget- $ 60,000- $70,000

Estimated time limit: Maximum 2years

Last date for accepting the bid proposal: 3rd August 2011

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