Graphic Design Project Proposal

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Graphic design project proposal is a written document which proposes the need related to a graphic designing project. Such kind of a proposal should outline the details of the project efficiently so that it is successful in presenting the idea clearly to the clients.

Sample Graphic Design Project Proposal

Name of the company presenting the proposal: GA WEB AND GRAPIC DESIGNING

Proposal presented by: Mr. Jacob Luaus


Date: 8th July 2011

Executive Summary:

In the last few years our company has strongly secured its position in the field of graphic designing for creating extraordinary designing works for various companies. Even we have started creating doodles for web browsers like “GOOGLE”.

Project Overview:

Icons are one of the important tools of recognition in today’s virtual world. Therefore, we are planning to build numerous icons which can come into need for specifying any particular object matter, program etc. Our project intends to build ICON packs of various designs and colors. We will use specialized tools and graphics software in order to increase its utility.

Intended Audience:

As icons are one of the important tools, we want all the icon search engines to collaborate with us and help in making this project a success. Moreover, this would also help us to reach out maximum number of browsers who can be benefitted by it.

Total cost estimated for the project: $25000 approximately

No proposal acceptance would be entertained after: 9th August 2011

Kindly note we will count the proposal submission on first cum first serve basis.

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