Hotel Management Contract Proposal

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A hotel management contract proposal is a formally drafted proposal which is written by a hotel management company or entity in order to propose their services to a hotel for a certain fixed period of time and in return for a fixed amount of payment. The proposal must state how the sender of the proposal can help the hotel and how they plan to offer the services. A sample of a hotel management contract proposal is provided below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Hotel Management Contract Proposal

Date: 9th January 2014


Details of the Addressed:

Company/ Organisation Name: Axton Hotels & Restaurant Ltd.

Authorised Personnel Name: Mrs. Lilly Maroon

Correspondence Address: 534, 3rd Floor Office, Flora Street, Fauna Square Area, Brooklyn, New York, United States

Contact No.: 543563576



We propose to offer you our hotel management services through this proposal.We would be fulfilling all your expectations at a reasonable price figure and for a period of 2 years as an initial contract.

The details of the proposal are:

  • Our proposition is beneficial for the addressed because we specialise in management services and hence will be able to do a good job for their properties.
  • We propose to offer you the management of the hotel staff, its restaurants, its banquet halls, all the bookings as well as management of guest receptions.
  • We will cater all of the management needs of the Hotel business on first priority basis and would employ a team of 15 individual per hotel.
  • We would be charging a total sum of $10000 per hotel for management services offered.


Proposal Prepared and Presented By:

Name: Mr. Billy Adams

Job Position: Senior Manager

Company Name: Groton Management Services Ltd.

Official Address: 435, Brake Street, Narrow Corporate Offices, Brow Ville, Brooklyn, New York, United States of America.

Contact No.: 35647467567



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