Hotel Marketing Proposal

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A hotel marketing proposal is a document which enlists the plans and procedures whereby a hotel or a hospitality conglomerate shall market itself. It must be lucid, precise and clear. The points made must be backed with evidence and statistics in order to create a well rounded and well researched hotel marketing proposal.

Sample Hotel Marketing Proposal:

Name of hotel: SAS Meridian

Location: 34 B, Janakya Puri, New Delhi, India

Marketing proposal submitted by: Adlams International

Our plans for the publicity design of the hotel:

  • We intend to form tie ups with major media houses of the country in order to capitalize on their print and visual media resources.
  • We also intend to commence on special packages which will allow certain selected customers to sample the hotel’s hospitality and based on feedbacks from them, we can launch a more decisive marketing campaign. (Also see enclosed presentation disc)

First preview of marketing campaign: 3rd June, 2011

Final viewing of concept, execution and implementation of ideas: 5th June, 2011

Our marketing team includes: Jason Rogers, Jonathan Cullen, and Bella Richards.

Prior notable work handled by our agency: Marketing designs for Sunshine Mobiles, Virginia Beer, Hai Ti chain of restaurants, Orleans International chain of businesses and others. [Check portfolio also included with this document]

Our prices for organizing the complete publicity and marketing manifesto of the hotel: $ 300000

We shall require an advance of half the total amount, to be paid through cheque. Details will be forwarded later once our proposal is accepted.

We hope to hear from you soon. Thanking you,

Maria Joseph,

Creative Director

Adlams International

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