HR Consultancy Business Proposal

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An HR consultancy business proposal is a business plan which is presented by a human resource consultancy group that works as an independent contractor to solve complex HR tasks. An HR consultancy business proposal may include different points depending on the requirements of the client company. Some proposals may offer suggestions on how to modify the way a company runs its business operations or some may refer to a different management of the company’s employees. There are some proposals which will deal with specific and sensitive corporate problems and offer solutions to it.

Sample HR Consultancy Business Proposal:

Name of HR consultancy firm: One Solution Co

Address: 84 Flexing Street, Dallas

HR consultancy business proposal prepared on: November 25, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Andrew Amphian

Head of Human Resources Consultancy

One Solution Co

Proposal submitted on: December 4, 2011

Proposal signed and approved by: Phillip Jones

Managing Director

One Solution Co

Purpose: The primary purpose of this proposal is to show a sample figure of the real project that is to be started. The goal is to boost the profits of the company from the sale of its engineering products by 30% from the current figures.

Details of HR Consultancy Business Proposal:

  • The project will be started from January 10, 2012
  • Prior to the start of the project, there will be meeting of the department heads where their suggestions will be taken on the business proposal suggested by us and how to implement those solutions

Estimated cost of the project: $50,000

Amount requested: $30,000

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