HR Consultancy Proposal Letter

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An HR consultancy is an entity that specialises in providing advice regarding manpower/ human resources to its clients. An HR consultancy proposal letter refers to the letter type through which the agency makes proposal to its clients.

The proposal letter is as much a formal document as a direct formal proposal and hence must be prepared in accordance with a format. For the convenience of all in need, a sample of the HR consultancy letter is being given below.

Sample HR Consultancy Proposal Letter:


Mr. Jonah Armin

Head, Human Resources Department

Preston & Parley Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

New Jersey, United States.

27th August 2013

Subject: The proposal for the HR management.

Dear Mr. Armin

I, Ross Travolta, am writing this letter in reference to the HR management problems that your organisation was facing and for which we are providing consultation services.  Based on the analysis of your company’s human resource structure we have prepared a proposal.

The proposal calls for your organisation to make certain stringent measures to make efficient use of the HR and other resources while improving the efficiency in company operations. The measures that will lead the company to health are:

  • The company’s finance and marketing department have been observed to be over crowded.  That is, these departments have employees in excess of the number required based on company size and operations. Also the sales and supply chain department are lacking of manpower.
  • There are two major ways of dealing with the issue. These have been discussed in detail in the documents enclosed with the letter.
  • We also observed that the working environment is not optimum to motivate all the employees to perform their best. There may be some changes required in the HR policies and regulations, a few suggestions have been made.

We believe these two sections to be the major issues causing all the HR management and efficiency issues in the company.  We hope that this proposal will help you.


Mr. Ross Travolta

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