Media Consultancy Proposal

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A media consultancy proposal is a proposal which is framed by a media consultant or a media consultancy company to propose its media marketing or public relations services to a person or an organization. The proposal is a formal document which must explain how the sender can help the prospective client as far as media coverage is concerned.  These proposals can be either accepted or rejected by the recipient. A sample of a media consultancy proposal is given below for your reference.

Sample media consultancy proposal:

Name of media Consultancy Company: Pascal Media Consultants

Address of the company: S-90, second floor, Harvard street, 5th avenue, London, UK

Phone number of company: 493905093, 479309300

Proposal presented by: Greg Jobs

Head Media consultant, Pascal Media Consultants

Proposal approved by: John Harvey, Owner

Pascal Media Consultants

Proposal presented on: 19th May 2014

Proposal presented to:  Timothy Dawson, Owner

Dawson Mobile Communications

Proposal objective:

This is a media consultancy proposal which is being presented to propose media consultancy services for your business corporation. We shall be helping you get public visibility, promotions and coverage over media channels and platforms.

About Us:

We are a reputed media consultancy company functioning in London since 1999. Our clientele includes some of the popular political systems in the country and top business companies.

Details of the proposal

  • We shall be assisting you on all your public ventures, product launches, media announcements and other such matters and would be advising you on the strategy to choose for maximum benefit.
  • Our services are on-request services which mean that you would have to contact us whenever there arises a need.
  • Our consultants would report within 1 day of service request.
  • The totally yearly cost of our media consultancy for a firm of your size is $10000. We shall be accepting this payment at the commencement of service term.


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