Infrastructure Funding Proposal

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An infrastructure funding proposal enshrines the proposal for funds required for development of infrastructural aspects of an organization. It must be written with the inclusion of the cause and requirement of the funds and the consequent development to convince the funding agent of the authenticity of the project. It should however not sound forceful to the agent for donating the fund.

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Sample Infrastructure Funding Proposal

Infrastructure Funding Proposal

Download Infrastructure Funding Proposal

Name of the organization: Aspire High School

Proposal given to: Children’s Welfare Association

Number of teachers and staff: 60

Number of students: 120

Present working departments: English, History, Philosophy, Environmental Studies, Economics and Art

Proposal overview: The school authority wants to start subjects like biology, chemistry, physics and computers for which laboratory facilities have to be set up. The school lacks the fund required to build a proper and functional laboratory. We cannot make arrangements for practical based work without financial support.

Requirement of fund: The school needs to raise funds for infrastructural development of the building the lack of which has so far kept the introduction of the science subjects for higher classes on stand. The establishment of laboratory and other scientific means will help the students gain practical knowledge with the help of hands-on materials and equipments.

Cost of the proposal: We expect that an amount of $4, 00,000 approximately will serve the purpose and suffice the project smoothly.

Target: We plan to build five state of the art laboratories each dedicated to research and practical in science subjects namely biology, physics, chemistry, applied psychology and computer science.

Last date of proposal approval: 5th January, 2011

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