Love Wedding Proposal

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Love wedding proposal is a document presented to propose the love of the life to marry. It is a document which expresses all the feelings and emotions for the special person of your life. It details the entire journey of love with the beautiful motive and thought behind this proposal of marriage. One has to plan the proposal very considerately keeping the preferences of your beloved in mind. To minimize the chances of rejection make it as striking and impressive as possible. This proposal is generally made after having a committed relationship with someone for a good period of time.

Sample Love Wedding Proposal:


Lisa Emery,

Greenock, Renfrewshire

My dear Lisa,

You are my dream come true which has changed the meaning of my life. I know you from last three years and time has just taken off since then. With you each day of my life is filled with joy and ecstasy. You are the love of my life and you make my world go upside down. Your gentle care and supportive nature has given me new ambitions and aims to accomplish. Your memories are my only treasure and your smile is my only source of delight. My heart is completely captivated in your love and I just cannot imagine any life without you. I want to spend rest of my life with you: will you please marry me?

I wish to soon begin a new life with you. Please please accept my proposal and fill my life with love forever.

Yours loving,

Peter Baxter

Your love is like a drop of rain in the deserted land, which soothes the soul and quenches all the thirsts. You are the one who has made my life a saga of happiness and delight. Last 5 years have been a wonderful journey with your love and care. Your love has given me immense strength to face all the challenges of life. You are the special person of my life and I cannot even think of any life in your absence. Today is 17th February, the day when we first met in the office. This is the day which brought you into my life. This is the day which has given a new direction and aspiration to my being. Thus on this very special day I would ask you: Will you please marry me and be my soul mate forever?

Please accept this token of love and make my life worth living for.

You’re Love,

John Adams,

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