Marketing Project Proposal

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A marketing project proposal is one which outlines the plans by which a particular project has to be publicized in order to gain a wider public and also to generate awareness. It must be written after sufficient research and must also take into account all the necessary factors governing the project. If written well, it can develop into an important document which can be consulted during the marketing process itself.

Sample Marketing Project Proposal

Name of project to be marketed: The Stanly Group’s Report on Skewed Sex Ratio in Indian States.

Institution or organization developing the project: this project is collaboration between the Government of India and WE [A non-profit organization]

Date of submission of marketing project proposal: 1st January 2011

Proposal submitted by: Sumedha Basu, Operational Head, Market-kids Pvt. Ltd.

Outlines of the marketing project proposal:

  • This project is a crucial one as it involves deep understanding of the demographics of the country as well as how its society works. Hence, it is extremely important to market it well so that myths and superstitions are dispelled and the ignorance of the general man is also dispelled.
  • We hope to release the findings of this project in the form of a book, which will contain important statements by government dignitaries, ministers, and other persons of importance.
  • We will also hold debates and seminars keeping the findings of the project in mind so as to give rise to creative conflict and opinions among the people.

Marketing campaign to be launched on: 2nd Feb 2011

For more information contact: 34674647

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