Media Advertising Proposal

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A media advertising proposal is a document which contains the means of advertising or publicizing a media company or concern. This may include both print and electronic media concerns. It becomes especially important for a media concern to advertise itself well in this age of cutthroat competition. The advertising proposal needs to be well planned and well executed in order to be accepted by the company concerned.

Sample Media Advertising Proposal:

The following is the media advertising proposal presented to DISCUS Media House Pvt. Ltd.:

Media advertising proposal presented by: Adworld Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of media advertising proposal: 2nd June 2011

Media concern to be advertised: DISCUS NEWS CHANNEL

Nature of media concern: This news channel will be a creative mix of the daily news of the world as well as latest developments in the world of technology, healthcare, sports and entertainment.

Targeted audience: From age 20 onwards

Main focus in the media advertising campaign: [Check enclosed document for more details]

  • The media concern shall be presented to public view from at least a month before the channel’s actual launch. This shall create expectations and generate interest in the audience.
  • Celebrity endorsement shall be a key feature of our media advertising campaign. Renowned news presenters and anchors shall be roped in for the first week after the channel’s launch.
  • The news channel shall also cater to other tastes like that for entertainment, sports and so on. Each such section will be advertised individually, so that the audience is aware of the shows on these sections even before they formally begin.

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