Medical Education Proposal

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A medical education proposal is a document which can either be written by a prospective medical student requiring funds for education, or by a medical college detailing the plans for a specific course. Whatever the purpose of the medical education proposal, it must be written in an impressive manner. The clarity of thought and determination shall create a positive impression.

Sample Medical Education Proposal

Name of medical college submitting medical education proposal: United College of Medicine, Boston.

Year of establishment: 22nd June 1945

Medical education proposal submitted to: Medical Council of the United States [MCUS]

Date of submission of medical education proposal: 3rd July 2011

Purpose of medical education proposal:

  • The purpose of this medical education proposal is to introduce to you our new course in dental health. This course shall accommodate fifty students every year.
  • The course will not be self financed and thus we hope to be considered for grants making the implementation of this new course smooth and prompt.
  • We have felt the need for quality dental courses in our country for a long time. We are a reputed medical college with the history of producing excellent surgeons and medical professionals who have done great service to this nation.
  • We hope to provide this quality education to deserving students at cheap cost. This will not only allow us to select the best students irrespective of their financial or family backgrounds but it will also encourage new students to take up this profession.

We hope to hear an acceptance response from you soon upon which we shall acquaint you with your specific needs.

Thanking you,

Dr. Harold Eckhart

Vice Chancellor

United College of Medicine

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