Mobile Marketing Proposal

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A mobile marketing proposal is a document which outlines the plans and means by which a particular mobile brand aims at marketing or publicizing its products. It must be well researched and special care must be taken to ensure a correlation between the plan and other factors like budget, target clientele, and time of marketing campaign. If framed well, such a marketing proposal is of immense value.

Sample Mobile Marketing Proposal

Proposal submitted by: Francoise Duplessis

Designation: Head, Marketing and publicity, Sun Mobiles Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of mobile marketing proposal: 3rd June 2011

Product: Sun X2 mobile

Outlines contained in the proposal [A brief abstract]:

  • This low range phone is primarily designed keeping the youth in mind. Our marketing campaign thus necessarily must be designed with an aim of reaching out to them.
  • Keeping this aim in mind, we have not only tied up with major media houses of the country for print and visual viewership slots, we will also reach out to various youth channels and youth programs in order to advertize our product.
  • We also plan to rope in celebrities considered youth icons in order to enlist their help in marketing our products.
  • We intend to embark on the three month aggressive campaign following which further action will be taken upon deliberation.

Estimated budget for the marketing of the product: Euro 4000000

First preview of marketing campaign: 21st May 2011

Final viewing of marketing campaign: 27th May 2011

Marketing team for this product headed by: Sam Mornay

External support and logistics provided by: Red Eye Marketing Agency Pvt. Ltd.

For more information contact: 47376344

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