Mobile Advertising Proposal

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A mobile advertising proposal is a document which contains an outline of the manner in which a certain specific consumer good, that is a mobile, will be advertised so that it can achieve maximum impact and draw the utmost interest from potential buyers. In this age of competitive advertising and all-out efforts to grab eyeballs, a mobile advertising campaign must be carefully planned out.

Sample Mobile Advertising Proposal:

Mobile advertising proposal presented by: Schuster Advertisers Pvt. Ltd.

Mobile advertising proposal presented to: Infra Mobiles Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of mobile advertising proposal: 2nd June 2011

Contact number: 356745647

About the Product:

Infra Mobiles, the country’s best known mobile phone company, has launched its latest range of low priced phones for a young crowd who are looking for the best in Smartphones but in an affordable budget. The latest series has been called the I-series, thus focusing on the individualistic and self conscious youth of today. The phones are priced attractively and they come in sleek and trendy designs which will have an immediate appeal.

Targeted Audience:

The major group we intend to target includes young adults from 14 to 25. Thus, the mobile advertising campaign shall comprise of bright, attractive and peppy ad campaigns both in the print media and its electronic counterpart. The ads will be colorful in a tribute to the I-Series’ bright mobile covers and em

phasis on its high resolution screen.


Our approximate budget for the mobile advertising campaign is 200,000USD.


If this proposal is accepted, we intend to launch the mobile advertisement campaign by 2nd December, which is in good time before the official launch of the phone in the market on 1st January 2012.

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