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A movie funding proposal is a document consisting of all the minute details of the particular movie whose funds are to be collected. The proposal lays down the various aspects of the movie and places the request for funding a certain section or the entire movie, before some influential individual or company. Apart from portraying the entertainment value of the movie, the proposal should also highlight its social relevance with the public image of the fund-provider-to-be. Authenticity and conciseness are two important factors that should be kept in mind while framing such documents.

Sample Movie Funding Proposal:

Proposed name of the movie: Mission of the Youth

Directed under: Stephen Joseph

Production: World Cinemas Pvt. Ltd

Cast: Mark Steve Johnson [lead – male], Annie Wattson [lead – female], John Stewart, Peter Roderick, Serena Gomes, and many others

Purpose: The movie is being made with the sole purpose of highlighting the issue of “student’s politics” and its impact on the students’ academic, social, and personal lives.

Proposal submitted on: 7th December, 2011

Estimated date of release of movie: 19th August, 2011

Details of the movie:

  • The movie will be based on the lives of students and their involvement in student politics these days.
  • It will show what politics meant for students some forty years back and what shape it has taken now.
  • The brighter sides of “student politics” having been shown, the darker phase will be explore more to make the audience realize the follies of the system that has been instrumental in ruining young minds and lives as well.
  • The impact of politics practiced by students on their studies, parents as well as among peers, and social habits will be presented.

Estimated costs: $3750000

We will request all proficient companies and individuals to please come forward and fund this movie.

We hope to hear from you before: 21st December, 2011

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