Non Profit Funding Proposal

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While developing a non-profitable organization or proposing for grant funding in order to finance their upcoming ventures, one need to design a non-profitable funding proposal, which should document the needs, mission and expectations of the organization clearly.

Sample Non Profit Funding Proposal

Name of the non-profit organization: Helpage society

About us:

We are a secular and non-profitable organization with a sole intention of raising resources and funds to protect the rights of the elderly people, women and children of the nation. We even target to provide relief to them through various inventions. Our work is recognized by the entire nation and appreciated by all.

Our actions till date:

  • We are advocating the concerned authority for bringing out beneficial policy for the elderly people and women of the nation.


  • We are taking actions against violation towards women, children and aged people.


  • For several years, we are creating awareness among the rural people regarding their rights and promoting education to women and children.

Objective of the proposal:

We are planning to expand our organization in various places across the country so that we could reach out to many people who are in need. For supporting this noble cause, we are placing forward this proposal to them who share similar kind of thoughts regarding the society and its people.

Estimated budget: $ 25million approximately

Funds collected till date: $ 5 million approximately.

Last date of proposal acceptance: 8th October 2011

Join hands for the improvement of the society and helping the needy before the last date gets over.


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