Nursing Student Research Proposal

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A nursing student enrolled in a research program/ study may be required to make a proposal presenting the idea he/ she is picking for the research paper/ thesis. The nursing student research proposal is the document the student uses to present the idea to higher authorities for approval. The proposal is meant for educational purposes and hence must be formatted accordingly.

Sample Nursing Research Proposal:

Date: 19th June 2013

Prepared and Presented by: Ms. Karen Gills

Institution Details: Darting & Harold Teaching Hospital, New York.

About the research topic:

I have chosen to undertake a research study on the topic ‘Therapeutic assistance for children with special needs’. The basic purpose for the study is to recognise and establish the various therapeutic techniques which are most effective in treating children with special needs.

In that I also aim to draw out the best possible strategies to handle such cases, given the critical nature of the patients being treated.

How to go about it:

The focus of the study will majorly be on 3 mental disorders in children, namely- attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the Down syndrome and the Schizotypal Personality disorder.

  • I will collect sample case details for each of the above mentioned disorders and present a detailed study of the cases.
  •  The study of the cases will help me analyse all the aspects of each of the case. The study aspects will include therapeutic treatments are focus, but will also include date on medical drugs and other methods of treatment.
  • As a result of the study I am to chalk out the most effective therapeutic treatment of the disorders.

Sources Listed for date Collection:

I have made a list of sources which will form the base of all the data collection that is needed for this particular research study. Included at the top of the list are the following journals:

  • The Nursing Consult Journal
  • MD Consult Portal
  • The American Journal for Psychotherapy
  • The Science News
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