Student Government Proposal

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Student government proposal is laid by the concerned authority depicting the beneficial programs decided to be offered by them to the students. This should be constructed keeping in mind the necessity of the students.

Sample Student Government Proposal

Name of the proposal: Student Benefit Programs [“For giving them a better future”]

Prepared by: Ministry of Youth Welfare

United States of America

Date of issuing the proposal: 5th June 2011

Last date of proposal acceptance: 5th July 2011

Proposal Objective:

Government of America has decided to bring new reforms for the students of the nation or foreign students. The reforms that have been planned are as follows:

  • Basic education would be provided to every student of the country.
  • The country’s government would not tolerate violation of student’s right or discrimination among foreign students. Hence, serious action would be taken against the offender. A new program for student’s protection would be launched soon
  • Planning to build up new elementary school for providing basic knowledge to the impoverished students
  • Debt or financial crisis should not be a hindrance in the path of education; hence, few programs would also be effective for this purpose on proposal acceptance.

Estimated cost for introducing new reforms for the students: $ 50000 approximately

Implementation timeline: Maximum of 2 years is needed for implementing all the reforms effectively so that the students could get the utmost benefit.

Kindly note that proposal acceptance would not be entertained after the stipulated date. Works on reforms will begin after 15 days of proposal acceptance.

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