Online Marketing Plan Proposal

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Companies, whether small or large, have been expanding their businesses through online marketing. The online marketing plan proposal is a way in which a company creates an organized plan that will enhance the name, brand value and profit beyond the geographic location of the company. It is an effective way of increasing potential customers from all over the world. The proposal must be properly organized with the main objective of the plan, the budget, the strategies to be implemented and the exit plan incase of any failure. The online marketing plan proposal needs to be constructed professionally.

Sample Online Marketing Plan Proposal

The following is an Online Marketing Plan Proposal for Diablo & Sons Co.

Proposal created by: Department of Marketing and Sales

Date: 3.4.2011

Proposal Overview:

Products: Gaming equipment

Objective:  To create an online product database and proper shipping service for delivery to be made in all states of the U.S. The current location of the company is Pennsylvania and with the implementation of this online store, the company can have its virtual presence across all the regions of US.

Target Market: Gamers between the ages of 14 to 26.

Proposal Budget: $3.2 million


  • There are 4 companies who have set similar networks which has increased the combined market share to 67%.
  • Positive consumer responses have been met for all companies.

Market Analysis:

  • 55% of potential consumers have reacted favorably.
  • 77% of existing consumers have reacted favorably.

Exit Strategy:

  • $1 million has been kept aside in company budget as back-up incase of initial loss for the first 6 months.


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