Marketing Contract Proposal

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Marketing contract proposal is a kind of a proposal which is framed when an individual or entity proposes the idea of entering a marketing contract to another individual or entity. In the proposal, the sender must enter all the important details by giving proper information of the marketing plan. A sample is given below.

Sample Marketing Contract Proposal

Date: 29th January 2014


Proposal Prepared and Presented By:

Name: Mr. Liam Stan

Job Position: Senior Manager

Company Name: Graham Marketing Agencies Ltd.

Official Address: 432, Brick Lane, Mirror Square, Hilton Towers, New Jersey, United States of America.

Contact No.: 356475685


Addressed Organisation:

Company Name: Jones Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Authorised Personnel: Mr. Gary Brown

Job Title: Chief Operations Manager, Marketing Department

Official Address: 3254, Billion Towers, Grow Street, New Jersey, United States of America.

Contact No.: 47364732


Statement of the Proposal:

We are presenting to the Jones Enterprises, the marketing idea and strategy we have developed to promote the operation of the enterprise and to accelerate the process of its goal achievements. We would like to sign a contract to the effect where we are made the official marketing partners for the enterprises.


The details of this proposal are as follows:

  • The agency has decided a threefold marketing strategy which uses TV, print and verbal media for the promotion of the enterprises services and products. Most of the details of the program have been sent to the addressed.
  • The agency must be paid the standard basic fee on the commencement of the marketing program.
  • The marketing agency reserves the right to alter the creative aspect of the program as and when required, for the implementation of the basic marketing strategy.
  • The agency will, however have to get the approval of the enterprises before moving forward with the idea.



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