Photography Project Proposal

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Photography project proposal depicts the idea or plan of any project related to photography. The proposal document should highlight the innovative aspect of the proposed project so that the intended audience finds it interesting and it is being accepted by them in a large number.

Sample Photography Project Proposal

University of Washington DC

Department of Photography and Filming

Proposal presented by: Final Year Students

Department of Photography and Filming

Date of presenting the proposal: 5th October 2011

Landscape Photography Project Proposal

Overview of the project:

Landscape photography is turning out to be one of exemplar in the study of photography. Therefore, a scrapbook with varied kind of landscape photographs using different lenses taken from different angles is planned to be presented as a project work of the Final year.

Intended audience:

We would request the photography institutes and professional photographer to provide us with financial and teaching aid so that we could accomplish the project successfully.

Intended distribution method:

We have decided to put this photography on various exhibitions as a representative of our University. Moreover, we will host this through our official university website and other photography websites.

Plans intended to be accomplished for this project:

  • Gather the name of the places whose scenic beauty could be captured in our lenses and put forward as a best example of landscape photography.
  • Using professional high quality digital cameras
  • Implementing new techniques.

Budget Estimated for the Project:

$25000 approximately

Time Estimated: Maximum 6 months

Last date for accepting the proposal: 25 October 2011

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