Product Packaging Proposal

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The product packaging proposal is created for the purpose of providing a detailed report on how a particular product has to be packaged. This is done for the purpose of marketing and selling as packaging plays a crucial role in a product’s sell ability. The packaging should be attractive, easy-to-use and hygienic. The proposal contains the detailed packaging guidelines from the manufacturing company to the packaging firm.

Sample Product Packaging Proposal

Proposal for: YYY Chow Co.

Name of Product: YY Instant Noodles.

Name of company making the product package: We Draw Co.

Purpose of Proposal: The proposal has been created for the packaging of the YY Instant noodles which will be launched on 5.4.2012. This is a 2 minute instant noodles which is not only tasty but also nutritious. This can be consumed by both kids and adults. The design has to have universal appeal. It must attract all kinds of consumers.

Packaging Summary:

  • Company logo will be used in the centre of the package along with the name of the brand.
  • There will be use of yellow and red colors which are favorites among both adults and kids.
  • There will be a picture of the instant noodles on the cover.
  • The packet shape will be square with an easy to tear zip lock.
  • Ingredients and other details will be at the back of the package in an easy-to-read but small font.

Please provide a response within 3.2.2012. Once confirmation from your end, we will chalk out the actual plans and budget.



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