Product Endorsement Proposal

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A product endorsement proposal is one which documents the proposal of product endorsement by manufacturing firms or marketing agencies. It highlights the product features and their utility. Therefore it should be written sensitively by putting in the discreet qualities of the product to add strength to the content before presenting it to the intended professionals.

Product Marketing Proposal Word Template

Product Marketing Proposal Word Template

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Basic Proposal Outline Word Template to Edit

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Sample Proposal Template in Doc

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Sample Product Endorsement Proposal

Title of the proposal: Product endorsement proposal

Proposal given to: Jacqueline Simpson, Celebrity Hair Stylist

Proposal presented by: Betty Lawrence, Marketing Head, Marino Hair Products

Product in question: Hair Products

Basic premise of the proposal: My Company is interested in working with you on a three-year contract of product endorsement. We were on the lookout for an upright and respectable professional qualifying in hair styling and hair cutting who would be made the face of our product.

Proposal objective: We want more people to trust the brand and try it and we strongly expect that your advice and recommendation would be loyally followed by the people who are suffering from damaged hair.

Company overview: Our Company has been going great guns since 1999 with a wide range of hair cosmetics on display. Our policy is to produce authentic products that can deal with hair fall yet preserve hairstyles.

Range of products:

  • Shampoos for dull, dandruff-stricken hair
  • Cream based conditioners

Features of the product:

  • The brand uses natural extracts for genuine treatment of scalp problems and ensures complete alleviation of dandruff slowly.
  • The products contain chemical ingredients that are totally safe as these are tested by dermatologists.

Payment: $45,000 per endorsement

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