Sample business proposal

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A sample business proposal is an example or sample of any type of a business proposal written in full detail. Such samples are extremely helpful because they give an idea and clear view of the way a business proposal must be framed.

Sample business proposal

This business proposal is prepare for Richard Co. by Mr. Tim Radcliff of the Henry Co.

Description of proposal:  Tronic Services is in the need of an onsite catering service medium which supplies daily meals to staff members and ordered special meals for clients and other important people.

The objectives of the proposal are as follows:

  • The onsite daily meal preparation shall be available to all the staff members throughout the day and throughout the duration of business deal.
  • When special clients and other associates visit the office premises, then meals have to be prepared on a really short notice which can be prepared easily by the catering service.
  • Given the location, any outside dining service and catering services have been difficult, and this proposal makes it easy and beneficial for both parties.

Henry Co. specialises in the following:

  • Last minute preparations are not an issue for the cooks of Henry Co.
  • All items prepared are of good quality and with fresh ingredients used.
  • Non vegetarian food along with multiple cuisines can be prepared with efficiency.
  • Quick delivery and well behaved staff are the points that Henry Co. has been known for over the years.
  • Experience of 12 years in the catering service.


Tim Radcliff


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