Security Guard Contract Proposal

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Security guard contract proposal is one that is prepared and submitted by a company that provides security guard services. The proposal should have all the details pertaining to the contract for providing security guard and the services fulfilled according to the clauses specified in the contract. The proposal also specifies the various solutions that the company offers along with the specification of cost involved for providing the security guard services.

Sample Security guard contract proposal

Name of guarding company – M/s Westcliffe Manpower and Guarding services Ltd

Registered address of company – #45, Broxburn, West Lothian, London, EH52

Phone number of company – 555-444-3333

Email id of company –

Company Introduction

Westcliffe manpower and guarding services Ltd is a decade old company having extensive experience and expertise in offering guarding services for various organizations. The company provides trained security guards who are capable of ensuring safety and protection of the client premises in every possible manner.

Scope of the proposal

The proposal for security guard contract is limited to the following clauses:-

  1. Provide security for the regular needs of a company.

  2. Provide additional security guards according to the requirements of the company

  3. Provide security personnel after thorough verification of personal identity and track record.

  4. Provide backup security guard as and when recruited security is absent from services.

  5. Provide unarmed as well as armed security as necessary for the company.

  6. Provide security round the clock and adjusting the schedules and rotational shifts of security guards efficiently.

  7. The contract proposal for security guard services to be valid for a period of one year and renewable each year subject to agreeable terms from both the parties to the contract.

Fees and Charges

Our company has varied fees for armed and unarmed security guard services. The fee for armed guard is 3000 pounds per annum and that of unarmed guard is 2000 pounds per annum.

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