Solicited Sales Proposal

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A solicited sales proposal is one which is especially prepared on the request of the client. In this sales proposal client enquires about the products in details. This is a formal document which has to be designed thoughtfully to create the maximum impact on the client. The information contained in the proposal letter should be clear and authentic to assist the client to make quick and positive judgment. One must avoid any false claims and fake details in these proposals.

Sample Solicited Sales Proposal:

Solicited sales proposal submitted by- Mr. Gregg John

General Manager Sales, Silver Electronics Ltd

Company for which the sales proposal is submitted: Graham Group of Companies

York, North Yorkshire

Date of submission of solicited sales proposal: 12th January 2011

Aim and Objective of the solicited sales proposal:

The objective of this solicited sales proposal is to give the information of latest electronic range launched by the company. This is the direct request from the client to propel the information about the product.

Solicited sales proposal strategies:

We would like to thank you for your interest in our products, and it is indeed a pleasure to support you about your query. We are into electronics manufacturing and assembly from many years. We can supply an enormous range of electronics within a very limited time span. Please find attached the catalogue for the latest product range launched by us. We can customize the design as per your requirement.

We take this opportunity to assist you with the best of the products at the most affordable price.

Thanking you.

Gregg John

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