Tattoo Design Proposal

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A tattoo design proposal is generally prepared as a document that will outline the design of the tattoo and several other aspects related to it, such as costs incurred, the effect it will possibly produce and obviously the health aspects and the concern associated with it. The design of the tattoo should always be such that it suits the person on whom it is being done and create a positive feel; hence, the proposal should outline all relevant details beforehand, especially if it is to be a permanent one, special care needs to be taken.

You can Download the Free Tattoo Design Proposal form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Tattoo Design Proposal is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Tattoo Design Proposal:

Tattoo Design Proposal


Download Tattoo Design Proposal

Proposal number: 93821

Name of the tattoo design company submitting the proposal: Vibrant Tattoos Corp

Tattoo being designed for: John Stewart

Date of proposal submission: 9th May, 2011

Details of the tattoo design:

  • The proposal is being given to provide you with an idea of the design we have selected for you. It will be a dragon, represented in a mythological context, to suit your persona and comply with the stars. Ample photos and details have been enclosed with this proposal to suggest the idea and help you take the final decision.
  • We have also provided a number of other options, in case you decide to try something different.
  • Whatever be the design of your choice, the tattoo we do will have an organic base, as it will be exclusively made of herbal ingredients, with minimum chemicals that have been dermatologically tested to suit your skin type.
  • If you at all face any kind of skin irritation or allergy within a month of the tattoo making, it will be our responsibility to help you.

Estimated cost: $400

Please do inform us about your decision at the earliest.

Contact Number: 8927189371

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