Training Contract Proposal

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Training contract proposal is one that is entered into between two parties where one is the training company and the other is the organization that wishes to avail the training program. The proposal has all the details of the training that the company provides and the terms that the other company has to fulfill to avail the training.

Sample Training contract proposal

Company providing Training – Christopher training Company Ltd

Date of training contract proposal – 16th June 2013

Last date for acceptance of training contract proposal – 5th July 2013

Training program duration – 15 days

Number of participants permitted – 25 participants

Brief details of training program

Some of the essential points about the training program are:-

  1. The aim of the training program is to acclimatize the lower level staff in your organization to make use of automated office equipments and computers.

  2. We plan to conduct the training program from 9.00A.M in the morning and end at 5.00P.M in the evening with necessary breaks for tea and lunch in between according to the schedule.

  3. The training program will be conducted by our senior trainer who will start the introduction program and thereafter training will be continued by our junior trainers.

  4. The training program will also provide a certificate to the participants on successful completion of the program.

  5. The participants are required to show their sincerity and dedication in making this training program successful. Therefore we request your company to counsel the participants before hand to take the training program seriously as it will benefit them the most.

Expenditure for training

The training program total cost is 15000 pounds which includes refreshments, office stationery, lunch and practical training expenses that are borne by us during the period of fifteen days of training program. Your company is required to pay fifty percent of the amount in advance and the rest after completion of the training program.

Please feel free to call us on 79900-7676 for any further query regarding the program.

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