Ultimate Wedding Proposal

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An ultimate wedding proposal must be exactly what the name suggests, ultimate and larger than life. It can be flamboyant and effusive as the temperament of the proposer calls for. An ultimate wedding proposal however, cannot afford to privilege flamboyance over sincerity. Hence it must be written carefully and with all the love the proposer feels for his object of affections.

Sample Ultimate Wedding Proposal

Dear Jane,

I love you, and I am ready to scream this out to the whole world! I want to marry you and take you jet setting around the world. I have fallen head over heels in love with you and no words are adequate to describe how I feel for you. My mind whirls considering the amount of fun we can have together. Life is not only about the fun though, and I am sure we can tide over the bad times with resilience and understanding.

We can have a Vegas wedding, like you have always wanted. I can do anything to make you happy and the one smile that lights up your face is enough for me to get by for my entire life! You have brought incredible joy to my life and I feel like a kid in a candy store. All I want to do is take you in my arms and give everything you have ever wanted just to see your face breaking out in that heartwarming smile.

I hope you shall be pleased with this ultimate wedding proposal, or so I hope! I am on tenterhooks to know what you think!



Date: 1st April 2011

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