UNICEF Funding Proposal

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UNICEF is a global organization for providing support to the sick and impoverished children. Hence, this organization requires huge fund to carry out their intended services and operations. Therefore, UNICEF funding proposal is an effective tool presented by the organization for collecting necessary funds for serving their purpose.

Sample UNICEF Funding Proposal


Who we are:

UNICEF is the turbulent force that makes the world realizes the rights of every child. We have the global rights to influence partners at the grassroots levels and decision makers to turn the most innovative ideas into reality for the benefit of the children. We find that providing a quality life to the children is the first step of human progress as they are the future of every nation.

Our objective:

  • Set up schools and educational institutions for imparting quality education to the children.
  • Eradicating issues like discrimination, poverty and violence from a child’s path.
  • Put an end to child labor and exploitation.

What we have planned:

We have decided to set up 72 UNICEF centers across the world especially near the rural areas. This we have decided inorder to make our intentions effective and successful.


An approximate estimation of $ 4 million will cost for setting up the new centers along with entire infrastructure.

Funds collected: An approximate fund of $ 2 million has already accumulated from those who support our objectives and shares the same thought.

Last date of proposal acceptance: 5th July 2011

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