Waste Management Project Proposal

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A waste management project proposal is one which enlists the concrete measure taken to dispose of waste in an environmentally safe manner, and effectively. It is a proposal which must include the complex nature of the job and thus be a valuable document which will be of use at every step of the conceptualization, implementation and execution of the project.

Sample Waste Management Project Proposal

Name of the Waste Management Project Proposal: Recycling of Plastic

Participants: Nature Club, Green Fields School, Kolkata

Aim of the project:

  • This project is aimed at making people aware of the harm that plastics cause especially in a city like Kolkata which faces a huge problem of choked drains during monsoon leading to flooding of streets and water logging.
  • We will ensure that our schoolchildren take part actively in the project. They shall embark on cleaning the area near the school every three days, after school hours
  • The amount of plastic collected shall be sent to a recycling factory in Kolkata to ensure that the waste does not end up in the streets again.
  • Participants will be given credit points which shall go a long way in improving their overall performance of the year.
  • Kolkata Police too have extended their help as have the civic authorities. Other schools have come forward as well.
  • This project will be continued till a year after which we will take stock and decided on the next course of action.

For further information you can please contact at: 34673262

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