Advertising Campaign Proposal

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An advertising campaign proposal is a lay-out plan for marketing the products of a particular company for a specific time-frame. The proposal consists of the details of the objectives that would be achieved via the processing of the campaign. The concerned business entity would be benefitted by hiring an agency or an advertising company whose campaign proposal suits the company policies and work-culture in the most efficient manner. In general, any advertising campaign is based on a concrete theme and the marketing methods are threaded surrounding it. The proposal work details talk about this kind of promotional activity in a concise manner.

Sample Advertising Campaign Proposal

Name of the company: Throttle Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Head Office: 65 / P Brooks Road, Manor Square, Boston, USA

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Gary Graham

Estimated budget for the proposal to be initiated and processed: $ 12,000 – $ 14,000

Total campaigning period – 21 days (including weekends)

The work details of the advertising campaign proposal:

  • Ascertaining the media platforms that would be utilized to the fullest extent for campaigning the goods and/or services of the concerned company.
  • The strategic marketing plans and the innovative use of technology that would make the campaigning course an effective program to establish the brand value more firmly.

The primary objectives of the advertising campaign proposal:

  • To help the concerned company optimize its marketing costs of its products.
  • To help the concerned company to improve its sales revenues to the tune of 10-15% on a monthly basis.

Signature of the project coordinator: Miss Julia Drew

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