Advertising Plan Proposal

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An advertising plan proposal is a kind of a proposal which an advertising company frames in order to propose a certain suitable advertising plan to its client.  The proposal must throw light on how it plans to advertise the client’s services, products or business and should be framed using a formal structure or format.

The client, on the basis of the proposal details either approves the plan or rejects it and hence the proposal must sound impressive. A sample is given below for your reference.

Sample Advertising Plan Proposal

Name of the client’s company: Fruits and berries Shampoos

Name of the client: James Anderson

Address of the client’s company: A-56, second floor, Martin tower, J Street, Birmingham

Contact number of the client’s company: 47307095, 435907350

Name of advertising company: Hoopla Advertisers

Proposal presented and designed by: Peter Brown

Senior Advertiser, Hoopla Advertisers

Proposal presented to: Vicky Donovan

Senior marketing manager, Fruits and Berries shampoos

Proposal presented on: 7th May 2014

Advertising plan idea:

The idea is to showcase Fruits and Berries Shampoos in a positive light in from of the customers and put forward its unique elements that will be able to attract the crowd. The brand name must stand apart from other shampoo brands and this needs a strong advertisement.

TV Advertisement gist:

The first step is to shoot a TV advertisement which reaches out to customers and explains to them the qualities of the shampoo. We will be using 2 Russian female models to depict the shampoo’s qualities and strengths.

Newspaper advertisement gist:

We will be designing 3 newspaper advertisements for three stages of the ad campaign. The first will introduce the shampoo and the other 2 will speak about its qualities.

Other advertisement methods

We will be using banner and hoarding advertisements as well in the last phase of the ad campaign.

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