Advertising Proposal Format

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An Advertising proposal format is a document which provides guidelines on the successful presentation of an advertising proposal which is suitably impressive and attractive. However, a format can only provide a typical outline, the proposal will vary according to the product and companies involved so they must not be followed blindly.

Sample Advertising Proposal Format

Name of product:


Date of launch:

Type of product: (Fill in the relevant details)

First paragraph: The first paragraph of an advertising proposal must detail the nature of the product, its utilitarian value and the targeted customer base. The advertising proposal must display its grasp of the product it has to advertise and then proceed to show how it can be made popular amongst a large client base. A comprehensive and structured analysis must be provided as to how the product will be pitched in the television and print media.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph of an advertising proposal must provide concrete steps regarding the advertising campaign that will be launched for the product. This will include details of logo, media previews and graphic designs. The cost of advertising must also be called into account. A detailed breakup of costs that will be accrued at the different stages of the advertising campaign must be shown to ensure transparency.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph must conclude the proposal by suggesting the competence and prior experience of the advertising firm. In the competitive world of advertising, pitching oneself is extremely important.

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