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An Advertising proposal letter is a document which outlines the need or plan of an advertising regulation to the intended authority. As the name suggests, advertising is one of the important element for regulating any matter of publicity on the targeted market for giving a competitive edge to the concern authority. Therefore, the letter must be specific and focused without being much ornate and effusive. It must be presented with complete authentication and conciseness so that the matter or purpose of advertising becomes successful in achieving acceptance. Moreover, such a letter must include the appealing and unique features of the advertising plan as it would help the intended people to understand its objective better.

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Sample Advertising Proposal Letter

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Andrews Ryan

PRO,                                                                                                    Date: 6th June 2011

Centric Advertisement Co.

Subject: Advertising proposal for the yet-to-release cosmetic product for men “X-men”

Dear Andrews,

We would like to present before you an advertisement proposal related to the yet-to-release cosmetic product “X-men” exclusively for men. We have always contributed significantly in world’s cosmetic industry and developed various effective products for women till date. This is for the first time we are releasing the new range of cosmetic products exclusively for men.

We believe that these products build with high technology and effective ingredients, would satisfy customer’s need. Therefore, we want to regulate the advertisement procedure through various beauty magazines, channels and newspapers for reaching out to our intended customer’s base effectively.

Budget and cost are negotiable on proposal acceptance. Looking forward to your early intimation regarding the proposal within 5 days from receiving it.

Yours Faithfully

George Madrew

Ferine Cosmetics Ltd.

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