Restaurant Business Proposal Letter

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When an individual/ entity wants to make a proposal suggesting anything related to a restaurant business, they may choose to communicate the proposal through a letter. Such a letter is referred to as a restaurant business proposal letter. The proposal letter is similar to other formal letters in format but the key agenda of this document is to propose an idea to the addressed individual.

Sample Restaurant Business Proposal Letter:


Mrs. Raven Barns

Chairman of Business Operations

Barns & Grey Hospitality Group Ltd.

Manhattan, New York

United States of America.

24th January 2014

Subject: A proposal for a restaurant business.

Respected Mrs. Barns

My name is Mr. Kurt Holden and I am writing this letter in reference to our last phone conversation on the 20th of January 2014, regarding the plan for a new restaurant business.

I would like to present the idea of the restaurant business that shall be a collaboration of both our organisations.

  • We have planned to open a chic restaurant on Fifth Avenue, Midtown Manhattan.
  • The eatery will have the finest of food and wine which the shoppers can enjoy during their shopping excursions.
  • We are already in talks with one of New York’s best chefs to be a part of the project.
  • A location suitable to our needs in the midst of the glitz and blitz of the designer shops has been listed by the broker.
  • The name of the place must have the branding of our name and the business sense of your organisation.

Further details of the location, the theme, the outlook and the partnership arrangements are enclosed with this letter.

I hope that you will consider the proposal and respond in the positive as soon as possible so that work can begin on this project.

Awaiting a reply,

Thanks and regards

Mr. Kurt Holden

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