Airport Advertising Proposal

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Airport advertising proposal is being presented for proposing any advertisement plan to be regulated at airport. Such kind of document should be prepared with clarity and effectiveness so that it is successful in achieving the acceptance of the targeted people.

Sample Airport Advertising Proposal

Title: Airport advertising proposal for “Pinnacle Aircraft Maintenance Company”

Proposal is presented by: Nelson Smith

Head Advertisement coordinator

Pinnacle Aircraft Maintenance Company

Date of submitting the proposal: 4th November 2011

Executive Summary of the company:

Pinnacle Aircraft Maintenance Company has stand out to be one of the excellent aircraft servicing companies in recent years. We provide highly specialized maintenance or repairing services for the commercial planes.

In recent years, the Government implementation in policy of Open Skies have encouraged many private businesses to enter into the airline business and enhancing the growth of airline transport. Thus, this has, in turn, increased the demand of planes’ maintenance and servicing as well. Here, where we stepped in for providing experienced and extensive specialized services.

Our committed team of 1156 aircraft engineers promises world-class services in 22 countries across the world.

Our range of service:

  • The full range of repairing and maintenance services are provided from line level till the comprehensive A, B C and D checks.
  • Efficient in repairing major electricity faults or aircraft damage.
  • Efficient in engine changes, C1 &C2 fan changes, line maintenance etc.
  • Capable of carrying out customized maintenance programs according to the need.

Last date of proposal acceptance: 14th November 2011

We believe in commitment with trusted partners.

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