Banner Advertising Proposal

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A banner advertising proposal is a document which contains the steps to highlight or market a particular banner which is to be launched. Different departments or branches of a company can have their own banners and they need to be advertised properly in order to create maximum visual impact, as well as to create the curiosity value that is so essential to the longevity and recall factor of a banner.

Sample Banner Advertising Proposal

Name of banner to be advertised: YRG Music

Company for which the banner is to be advertised: YR Films Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of banner advertising proposal: 1st July 2011

Banner advertising proposal presented by: Thinking Cap Pvt. Ltd.

About the banner:

YRG Music is the music company of YR Films, and it is their foray into record labels that have caused YR Films to launch this ambitious venture. Our aim, as mentioned in this proposal, is to present or advertise the quality of YR Films, and thus extrapolate that mark of standard or quality into YRG Music as well.

Banner Advertising Strategies:

  • This banner shall be presented to the audience through glamorous functions and press events where the biggest stars of Hollywood will be invited to make an appearance.
  • Given the prestige and success of the YR Films, this shall be easy task for us. However, we shall also aim to make music CDs affordable and attractive to a crowd used to downloading songs from the internet.
  • YRG Music shall also have a considerable presence on the web.

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