Billboard Advertising Proposal

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A billboard advertising proposal is a layout that sketches the outline for a billboard advertisement and frames its outlook and presentation. Since billboard advertisements are important publicity prospects that effectively help a company garner profits in the market by reaching out to maximum customers, it is important that the proposal be prepared in a lucid and precise form so as to concentrate upon the qualities of the product, its pricing and the facilities offered.

Sample Billboard Advertising Proposal

Name of the organization: Romania Group of Companies.

Address: 56/B, Houston Building, Los Angeles.

Product name: Protecta Fair Sunscreen.

Proposal signed by: Miss Emily Gomes.

Date of signing billboard advertising proposal: 4th July, 2011.

Area where billboards are to be erected: In and around the city, at all commercial places.

Purpose of the proposal: This proposal has been specially prepared to inform all regarding the billboard advertising project for the newly launched product, Protecta Fair Sunscreen, by our company.

Overview of the billboard advertising proposal:

  • The proposal is to contain detailed information regarding the product and the proper form of advertising it on the billboards.
  • The billboard advertisement is to be prepared in a way so as to give a brief detail of the chemical formulation of the product, which makes it score over its other contemporaries in the market.
  • It should also give a glimpse of the effects produced on application of this sunscreen, which comes in the form of a cream and can be used by men, women and children.
  • All the billboards will be presented on HD 96 Sheet and will be of the Backlit format.

Estimated budget: $45000

Work will start from: 15th November, 2011.

Kindly fill in your entries before 25th September, 2011.

For further details:

Contact No.:89814657396660


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