Building Design Proposal

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A building design proposal is a document which outlines the plans for designing and executing the construction of a building. Such a document will not only contain details of the building to be created, but also include aspects like costs, area, license etc. A building design proposal must be formal in tone, as well as comprehensive. However, it must also be to the point, eschewing rhetoric for simple unalloyed facts.

You can Download the Free Building Design Proposal, customize it according to your needs and Print. Building Design Proposal is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Building Design Proposal:

Building Design Proposal

Download Building Design Proposal

Name of company entrusted with the responsibility of presenting the building design proposal: Builders Inc.

Name of company for which the building design proposal has been made: Ramsay Software Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of building design proposal: 12th January 2011

Nature of building to be constructed: Office complex with thirteen residential apartments as well.

Main tenets of the building design proposal:

  • The building to be built will be spread over an area of 20 acres. This includes the office complex as well as the residential apartments.
  • The amount of common space, which will also be factored in this, shall be to the tune of 5 acres.
  • The cost of the entire project will be around 100 million USD. This is exclusive of our fees, money for grants and permits and other allied costs.
  • The entire project shall be handled by our professionals. We shall organize a series of discussions where your representatives and their points shall be duly considered as well.

We hope that you will accept our proposal. A brief outline of the project and some diagrams of the buildings have been attached along with this document. Kindly peruse them and contact us at the earliest at 237463475. Thank you.

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