Building Maintenance Contract Proposal

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Building maintenance is a kind of a maintenance service which helps in the repair and overall maintenance of any building or enclosed space. Some of the building maintenance services include cleaning, electrical maintenance, facility management, washing of glass windows etc.

A building maintenance contract proposal is a proposal which a building maintenance company makes to a client or building owner in order to sell his/her services on contractual basis. These proposals are like business offers which can be rejected or accepted by the client on the basis of the terms or details of proposal. Given below is an example of a building maintenance contract proposal which can be of help to anyone looking for frame a similar proposal.

Sample Building Maintenance Contract Proposal

Name of building Maintenance Company: Quertin Building maintenance group

Address of company: 4, Peterson Street, London, UK

Name of client: Bradley Cooper

Name of building: Cooper tower

Address of building: 2, Nathan park street, London, UK

Proposal prepared by: Jack Williamson

Client relations manager, Quertin Building maintenance group

Proposal presented to: Bradley Cooper

Owner, Cooper tower

Proposal presented on: 5th March 2014

About the company:

Quertin building maintenance has been working as a building maintenance company for the last 7 years and has employed the most certified and experienced employees for helping you out with overall maintenance of your building. We provide cleaning services, maintenance services and electrical maintenance services to all kinds of enclosed spaces from homes, offices to towers.


We wish to offer you 1 year of maintenance services for a total cost of $5000 in which we shall be offering on request services and quarterly cleaning services. We shall be cleaning the exterior as well as the interior and also troubleshooting basic problems like electrical appliances and electricity failures. The date of commencement can be chosen by you.

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