Charity Business Proposal

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A charity business proposal is a document that contains details of the plans and programs of a non-profitable business organization for a definite time interval. A charitable organization that works for a large base of people and operates on quite a large scale also falls under the category of business firms, with the only difference that it does not garner profits officially. This type of a proposal can be given by an individual or some organization to start a business that work for charitable purposes, that is, to help people in need.

Sample Charity Business Proposal:

Proposal given by: Mary & James Group of Companies

Prepared by: Irwing James

CEO, Mary & James Group of Companies

Date of submission of proposal: 9th October, 2011

Suggested name of the charitable business: Mary & James Charity Home


We have been working for the last fifteen years as a socially and economically active member in the business market, through all our ventures aimed at improving the society status, apart from making profits. We would now like to invest in a business that would be solely aimed towards meeting the needs of people, thereby functioning as a charitable organization.

Our Missions:

  • To operate in a systematic manner just as a business firm, but to devise such strategies that would help needy people without garnering any monetary profits.
  • We will definitely organize certain charity programmes to uplift the society standard.
  • It will be our concern to channelize the charity business in such a way that it reaches out to all the people.
  • It has been decided that 10% of the profits of each of the member organizations under our group of companies will be utilized for the development of the charity business.

We would like to have sponsors to support the cause.

Please contact: 00 1 – 718 – 372819287

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