Charity Event Sponsorship Proposal

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When a charity event is being organised to support a certain cause or to promote the well being of the society, a lot of planning and funds go into it. It is common to seek sponsorship for such events from the prominent social/ corporate entities. A charity event sponsorship proposal is the document written to approach such sponsors. A sample proposal is given below.

Sample Charity Event Sponsorship Proposal


Proposal Prepared and Presented by:

Mrs. Kathleen Carmon

Creative Head Organiser

Byron Charity Events

(Subsidiary) Byron Enterprises Ltd.

Upper West Side, Manhattan

New York, USA.



Jameson Securities Pvt. Ltd.

341, 4th and mains, Madison Avenue

Upper Manhattan, New York

United States of America.


Proposal Agenda:

The purpose of this proposal is to seek sponsorship for the charity gala that is being conducted by the Byron Enterprises Ltd. The gala is to support the children and the widows of the soldiers who lost their lives for our nation and all its citizens.


Proposal Details:

  • The event is a charity ball/ gala for the members of the upper west side society.
  •  It will be an evening of social gathering and bonding amidst the members of our long standing society.
  • The event will honour those who have worked for the society and in support of the underprivileged.
  • The proposal is to call out the sponsors who wish to be a part of this prestigious event. All contributions will be appreciated by the organisers and will be duly awarded in the course of the charity gala.

We request the entities/ organisations/ individuals who wish to contribute in the sponsorship of this charity gala, to kindly respond to the proposal at the earliest.

With best wishes,

Mrs. Kathleen Carmon

Mobile: 79997790844

Proposal Presented on: 15th April 2014

Proposal Commissioned by: Byron Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.



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